Destination Distinction Awards

Presented by the Martin County Tourist Development Council
Guest Happiness Ambassador

This award celebrates the exceptional dedication of hotel, motel, inn, campground, or resort employees who consistently go above and beyond to ensure every guest feels truly special. Guests often feel compelled to write letters or online reviews praising these individuals, and returning guests frequently mention their desire to come back due to the kindness and thoughtfulness they experience.

The awardee should demonstrate utmost professionalism and genuine care for guests, staff, and the property. They exhibit a positive attitude towards their job, the property, and the destination they represent. This recognition is open to employees from any department within the lodging property (i.e. front desk staff, housekeeping, food and beverage, meetings and events, etc.).

Attraction/Venue Service Superstar

This award recognizes an attraction or venue employee who consistently goes above and beyond to make every guest feel special. This individual is memorable to guests, often requested by name. Guests frequently express their appreciation through letters of praise, and repeat visitors cite this person’s thoughtfulness and consideration as a reason for returning. The recipient of this award should demonstrate absolute professionalism and genuine care for the welfare of guests and the attraction. They exhibit a positive attitude towards their job and the attraction. This employee could hold any staff position (excluding executive management) at any attraction or performing business catering to visitors (i.e. museums, theatres, nature centers, etc.).

Dining Experience Guru

This award honors the restaurant staff member who consistently delivers exceptional service to guests, using their creativity and resources to enhance the guest experience. This individual surpasses expectations by providing outstanding service and hospitality, fostering repeat business, and building a loyal customer following. They are known for their willingness to step in and solve any problem, take on additional tasks, or cover for other team members without hesitation. Providing outstanding customer service and genuine kindness to customers is second nature to this nominee. This individual can be from any type of local dining establishment that caters to visitors (i.e. restaurants, cafés, food trucks, delicatessens, ice cream shops, etc.).

Destination Experience Expert

This award category celebrates an individual or team that has demonstrated exceptional creativity and dedication in creating memorable experiences for guests. It seeks those who have gone above and beyond to craft experiences that leave a lasting impression and attract new or repeat visitors.

This award recognizes individuals or teams who have implemented innovative ideas resulting in proven positive outcomes. The recipient can be from a hotel, attraction, retail establishment, restaurant, outfitter, tour guide, park member, or any business/organization that caters to visitors and is involved in Martin County’s tourism industry. This award is open to individuals or teams at any level, from entry-level to top management.

Martin County Leave No Trace Champion

This award recognizes individuals or teams who demonstrate a strong commitment to promoting responsible outdoor recreation and environmental stewardship in Martin County. Recipients of this award utilize and follow the  7 Leave No Trace Principles in their daily activities.  Nominees should actively engage in initiatives that minimize the impact of outdoor activities on the environment, such as organizing clean-up events, promoting sustainable practices, making outdoor spaces more accessible, and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within the community.

The Leave No Trace Champion Award honors those who go above and beyond to protect our natural resources, enhance the outdoor experience for all, and contribute to the long-term sustainability of tourism in Martin County.